Who We Are

Trinity has a rich history with 1,500 actively involved members who live in neighborhoods all over the greater Portland area. We are strongly committed to the worship of God in His Church, the nurturing Christian community and the sharing of His Gospel through work in the world. The parish is known for its superb music, its broad educational program, its youth programming, and its developing outreach to the city and beyond. It is also home to the Trinity Bookstore.

An Open and Welcoming Congregation, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral welcomes all persons regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic circumstance, or religious background to our worshiping community and Eucharist table. We are a member of the Community of Welcoming Congregations and support our gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender members in our ministry and programs. Join us as we practice the compassionate and inclusive Way of Jesus.

We seek to be a place in which all people discover God and a deep sense of  Mission, Vision & Core Values.

As a congregation of the Episcopal Church we are anchored in a centuries old tradition that is ancient yet new, ritualized yet relaxed, transcendent yet intimate, reverent yet filled with life. While some of us have been Episcopalians for all of our lives, others found the Episcopal Church only recently.

What we share is a common desire to seek and find God in the context of a community. We want to walk this journey with others...in worship, in conversation, through learning, in fellowship, and in service to Portland and the world. We want to be a place where anyone--and we mean anyone--can experience a renewed, reconciled and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Whoever you are and whatever your background, there's a place for you at Trinity.

Questions? Feel free to contact any one of Our Clergy.

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