Marti Anderson

Marti & her husband John & were married in the Chapel at Trinity. Scott Helferty, who officiated, said that Trinity “wasn’t just a pretty place to get married,” and that he would be watching for Marti on Sundays... and she has been nothing if not reliable!


Marti has been at Trinity for almost forty years now, and she cannot imagine her adult life without Trinity: the building, the spiritual home and haven, her Trinity family, and the helpful, comforting guidance of dozens of clergy. The church school, chairing the Garden Committee (and dealing with the challenges of urban gardening), Buildings and Grounds, EFM, the Labyrinth Guild, ushering, pilgrimages with the Borgs, Cookie, and Priscilla, and interring her parents’ ashes in the Memorial Garden have been precious parts of Marti's life at Trinity.


Professionally, Marti was an elementary teacher and librarian and a mom to three children, now in their mid-30s. She looks forward to bringing her history to the Vestry, but also the challenge to “Love One Another” and “Welcome the Stranger” in 2018.