Bill James

Trinitots Leader

About Bill:

The son of two Montana music & theater teachers, Bill has been performing since he could walk. He left Montana and followed his big brother out west to Pacific University and graduated with degrees in Music & Philosophy. He later went on to earn masters’ degrees in those same subjects at the University of Montana. He has several releases on record labels, sang with the Portland Opera, played in some noteworthy local bands, including Sylvia's Ghost & Jesus Presley and continues to perform around The Pacific Northwest with the same guys he started playing with in College. He was Pacific University’s 2018 inductee to their Music Hall of Fame and is now in his 3rd decade of teaching music in Beaverton School District.

Arrival at Trinity:

Upon moving back to Portland in 2001, Bill and his spouse, Eve started attending Trinity. Then they became parents and you can see them with their 3 teenage kids every Sunday and have been singing/playing with Trinity’s youth since 2013.

Fun fact:

Bill shares a birthday with Giacomo Puccini, Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick & 2 Bee Gees. He likes all of their music a lot.