Jilli Bronson

Calendar & Events Coordinator

About Jilli:

Jilli loves a well organized schedule. After being in charge of her own schedule through her BA in French from Portland State University and traveling Europe, Jilli now manages the calendar and events at Trinity. Previously, she helped keep Trinity’s finances in order through AP and helped mold the minds of French youngsters through the English language.

Outside of Trinity, Jilli coaches and choreographs figure skating, searches for worldly décor additions to her humble abode, and caters to her extensive indoor plant collection.

On her time off, she often cuddles with her sweet dog Cosmo and her family’s plush pupster Lucy.

Arrival at Trinity:

Jill has been here since before she can remember (1989), and she has been on the Trinity staff since 2015!

Fun Fact:

Jilli has been fluent in 4 languages at various times of her life and has been ice skating since Harry Potter was published.