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Lavinia Martin-Weber

Digital Content Curator

About Lavinia

Lavinia is a performer, big sister, and ye’ old fantasy enthusiast. Mainly, Lavinia has been training in the various skills required for the performing arts including stage acting, singing, and the technical and backstage side of things (she can dance, but it’s a safety hazard).

Apart from performing, Lavinia has worked several years as a content curator for various companies, specializing in the art of memes, and short, trendy, video snippets. Outside of work, Lavinia can be seen dressing up in high fantasy clothing and leading young adventurers into the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Arrival at Trinity

Lavinia found herself auditioning for Trinity’s Chorister program at 15 years old, year 2016, and the Trinity Choir hasn’t been able to get rid of her since. Now, Lavinia still sings for the Trinity Choir, but she can also be found working with Arwen on social media posts, and doing various tasks around the church for Elise.

Fun Fact

Through her ever busy schedule, Lavinia still finds time to practice her Mario Kart skills on the regular. Bless the poor soul who has to go toe-to-toe with her, she absolutely dominates every race track Mario Kart has to offer.

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