Matthew Lawrence

Canon for Spiritual Formation

About Matthew:

Matthew wants your brain happy, your curiosity sparked, and your heart opened to the wisdom of this ancient and often difficult tradition. A graduate of the University of Chicago’s Divinity School, he oversees the educational offerings at Trinity. A student of Zen as well as Contemplative Prayer, he has served as a parish priest, campus chaplain, hospital chaplain, peace activist, policy analyst and management consultant. He has recently taken up pickleball, otherwise known as “tennis for old people”, and plays the cello, alone, in a soundproof room. He also loves to ride his motorcycle along beautiful curvy roads near oceans or mountains.

Arrival at Trinity:

Matthew came to Trinity in 2017 as the Canon for Spiritual Formation.

Fun fact:

S’mores are only s’mores when a marshmallow is hand-roasted over a campfire and placed between two graham crackers with Hershey’s milk chocolate. So-called s’mores ice cream, cereal, crackers, or cookies are nothing but abominations.