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Roy Cole

Assisting Priest

About Roy:


Roy has recently retired after 40 years in parish ministry in Nevada, Oregon and for the last 20 years in the Diocese of New York. For the first half of his ministerial life, he served in the Evangelical church and later as pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of Portland in what is now Steeplejacks Brewery on NE 24th and Broadway.

Roy came into the Episcopal church in 2002 under the episcopacy of The Right Reverend Robert Ladehoff and was sponsored by Trinity Cathedral. He has Master’s degrees in psychology and theology as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree in Advanced Pastoral Studies.


Arrival at Trinity:


September 2023 as a part-time Assisting Priest


Fun Fact:


A child of a military family and filled with wanderlust, Roy has had over 25 addresses both in the US and in Israel where he attended Graduate School in Biblical archeology and history, back in the days when he had visions of being Indiana Jones. Only because he knew he could never be Luke Skywalker. Too tall for the Starfighter!

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