Stephen David

Stephen David was born in Alexandria, Virginia, outside of Washington, DC. He was raised in a thriving Catholic parish, but found himself with many unanswered questions about his place in the Church by the time he left home for college. These questions lead him through several years of spiritual wandering. They also drove a curiosity that lead him to graduate studies in engineering and neuroscience. Upon returning to DC in 2005, he discovered Saint James Episcopal Church, and it was there that he found a spiritual home. Stephen moved to Portland in 2012, after receiving a faculty appointment in the Oregon Hearing Research Center at OHSU. He and his wife Kathleen settled within walking distance of Trinity and quickly became part of the parish. Stephen served jointly with Kathleen on the Family Ministries Commission, and their three lively kids are active in Godly Play and the Choristers. More recently, Stephen has become involved with the middle school program, with an aim of building up a fun and supportive youth community. In addition, Stephen has an interest in the interplay between science and the church. He sees Trinity as a valuable setting for dialog about the profound changes that science and technology are bringing to society.