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Andrew Wright


Andrew Wright has spent the past twenty years living and working in academic communities: studying biology in Chicago and religion in Boston while overseeing marketing, recruitment, and growth strategies for a progression of faith-based liberal arts colleges. Evangelical by background, he met and eventually married his wife, Audrie, in Boston’s Park Street Church, where both of them served as leaders for young adult and family ministries.

Over the years, however, a search for broader intellectual horizons and a lifelong love of sacred music led him to Trinity Copley Square, which he and Audrie began attending concurrently, just as Sam Lloyd returned as rector. Given Andrew’s rural upbringing and his academic interest in religion and literature, Sam was an invaluable exponent of Anglican culture and tradition, greatly increasing our identification and spiritual resonance with the Episcopal Church.

Andrew and his wife, Audrie, first encountered Trinity Cathedral on Good Friday 2015, a week after arriving in Portland with a newborn daughter in tow and were immediately struck by the warmth of the community, the beauty of the liturgy and music, and a heartfelt commitment to intellectual and spiritual formation. Now parents of two small children, Eowyn and Eldon, Andrew and Audrie serve on the Family Ministry Commission, try to find as many opportunities as they can to engage in the life of Trinity, and hope for days that include far more time for hiking, orcharding, and the reading of good books.

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