So you want to get married at Trinity Cathedral!


Congratulations on your decision to make a lifelong commitment to each other in the presence of God and of those who love and support you. We are delighted to make our historic Cathedral (750 seats) or Chapel (100 seats) available for your happy and holy day.


The Sacrament of Christian marriage is meant to be lived out in a community of faith where we support and nurture one another as we grow in love, forgiveness, justice, and compassion. By choosing to be married at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, you invite us to share in and bless your commitment to each other according to our ancient and beautiful traditions. The policies and guidelines outlined below describe our expectations and hopes for your wedding at Trinity.


Who can get married at Trinity?


Trinity Cathedral is an Episcopal community of radical welcome, so everyone is

welcome to participate in the Sacrament of Marriage.


We welcome partnerships of all genders, we welcome divorced persons to remarry (subject to the approval of the Bishop), and we welcome you whether or not you are members of Trinity Cathedral.


Our church Canons require that at least one of the partners be a baptized Christian, that the ceremony be attested by at least two witnesses, and that the marriage conform to the laws of the State of Oregon. That's it!


What’s so special about getting married at Trinity?


Marriage at Trinity Cathedral takes the form of worship conducted according to the traditions of the Episcopal Church, and is officiated by a clergyperson affiliated with this congregation. Within the approved marriage rites, there are a variety of options that the couple may exercise (including readings, music, and the Holy Eucharist) in consultation with their officiating clergy. Typically, the officiating clergyperson will conduct the 3 sessions of premarital counseling required by the Episcopal Church.


What’s the next step?

If you would like to be married at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, please review the fee structure, and then contact Shannon Tilton in the cathedral office at least 90 days before your anticipated wedding date.


Have other questions?

Contact Shannon Tilton, Member Relations & Event Specialist.

 “Let their love for each other be a seal upon their hearts, a mantle about their shoulders, and a crown upon their foreheads.”  

—Book of Common Prayer

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