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Annual Giving Campaign

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Why pledge?

Pledges form the basis of our annual operating budget, but it's not just about the money: your pledge is a yearly spiritual & financial commitment to supporting our ongoing work.


Making a pledge rather than making a weekly gift in the offering plate lets us know that we can count on your contribution as we budget for the year.


You can fulfill your pledge over the course of the year in 2024. There are a variety of payment schedules, so you'll be sure to find one that suits you - all the while knowing that your act of faith in the Trinity community sustains our operations and ministries! 

We're in this together

It takes hundreds of individuals and families giving what they can out of a sense of commitment and gratitude to keep our work going. Not all of us can give as much as we’d like to, but each of us is committed to being a part of the mission – and together, we make Trinity happen.

Every dollar pledged directly supports the mission of this cathedral: to love & serve God, our people, and our neighbors in the Portland metro area and beyond.

How to make your pledge

You can set up weekly or monthly payments from your checking account

or by debit or credit card* online using the online giving form.

Or, if you prefer, download a pledge card and place it in the mail:

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

147 NW 19th Ave.

Portland, OR 97209


*Did you know that credit cards cost Trinity much more to process? By giving through your checking or savings account, or by agreeing to offset the processing fee, everything you give directly will benefit Trinity!

Pledge Online

In addition to the online giving form, there are several other ways to pledge. Choose the option that works best for you!


To pledge using your Realm Account (our online directory & giving platform), simply LOGIN and follow these steps...

  • Click Giving on the main menu.

  • Click the gray + Pledge button

  • Enter your Annual Giving Campaign pledge

  • Enter how much you wish to give and the frequency you wish to pay.

That amount will be calculated based on the option you choose.

  • So, if you wish to give $1,200 annually, you can:

    • Enter $100 and select frequency "monthly," OR...

    • Choose $1,200 and select "annually" or "as can."

    • It’s up to you!

  • Press Save.

  • You’re done!

To pledge, but need a Realm account: click here!

To pledge without a Realm account: click here!

Pledge by Phone or Email

If you'd like to make your pledge over the phone or by email, 

contact Shannon Tilton at 503-478-1223 or

Pledge by Mail

If you'd like to make your pledge by mail, fill out the pledge card you received in the mail

or click here to print one at home, fill it out, and mail it to the cathedral:


Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

c/o Shannon Tilton

147 NW 19th Ave

Portland, OR 97209

Other ways to make your pledge 

If you'd like to pay your pledge through gifts of stock, or through an IRA Charitable Rollover

click here for more information.


Contact Shannon Tilton, Cathedral Life Administrator,

at or 503-478-1223.

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