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Flower Guild

Bringing the Beauty of Creation into Worship


Every Sunday service at Trinity is graced by flowers that represent the beauty of God’s creation, engaging our sense of sight in worship. The members of the Trinity Flower Guild purchase flowers & create beautiful arrangements reflecting both the calendar & liturgical season every week.

Why sponsor Sunday flowers?


Sponsoring the altar flowers is a beautiful way to honor loved ones, or to mark a special life event:  welcoming a new life, birthdays, the anniversary of a wedding, baptism, confirmation, in memory of a loved one, or simply in thanksgiving for life’s many blessings.

How can I sponsor Sunday flowers?


It's easy! Simply click the button at the top of this page, click here, or fill out the form embedded on this page. Suggested donation: $60.

Be sure to indicate the event you are celebrating in the memo line of the donation page (e.g. "In memory of..."/"In thanksgiving for..."). Honoraria, remembrances, and thanksgivings will be acknowledged in the Sunday bulletin. 

Donations must be received by the Monday before the Sunday you'd like your flower dedication to appear in the Sunday morning leaflet. All donations are tax-deductible. 

How can I join the Flower Guild?


We are always eager to accept new members! Contact Susan Bladen for more information.

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