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From Trinity Cathedral

Trinity is proud to produce several podcasts, from our Sunday morning sermon feed Sermons from Trinity Cathedral to an exploration of the intersection of musical theater and social justice in Gospel of Musical Theater and seasonal offerings like our Lenten Urban Pilgrimage and Stations of the Cross

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Sermons from Trinity Cathedral

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Weekly reflections from the Trinity pulpit. Trinity is a progressive urban congregation whose doors swing wide to embrace people of many faiths and no faith, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic circumstance, or religious background or beliefs. Everyone is welcome: no exceptions!

Hear our most recent sermons in the player below, or view the full archive by clicking here or the button below. We also have a video archive on our YouTube channel!

The Gospel of Musical Theatre

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A priestly (and sometimes profane!) look at some of your favorite musicals, hosted by your favorite cathedral deans/musical theatre queens Nathan LeRud & Peter Elliott!


It's a deep dive into musicals both classic and contemporary, examining the intersection of theatre, spirituality, culture, sexuality, and justice. New episodes other Friday!

About the hosts:

Peter Elliott, retired Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, has loved musical theatre for his whole life.  At age 12 he appeared as Oliver Twist in a semi-professional production of Oliver!  During his time as Cathedral Dean, Christ Church Cathedral has been the location of many musical theatre productions, including a memorable three night revue of the work of Stephen Sondheim September in the Cathedral with Sondheim, and Jubilation: 125 Years of Musical Theatre.

Nathan LeRud, Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon, fell in love with musicals at age seven when taken to see a college production of Camelot. He memorized every note of the original cast recording and (as a boy soprano with freakish range) learned to sing all of Julie Andrews’ numbers. A double major in English and Theatre, favorite roles include Tevye in Fiddler, Pangloss in Candide, Mabel Swindle in Radio Gals and “Dean LeRud” in Trinity’s recently-produced spoof of The Book of Mormon, “The Book of Common Prayer.”

Gospel of Musical Theatre
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