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Arwen Myers

Director of Communications & Marketing

About Arwen:

A native of Georgia, Arwen felt like she found her real home when she landed in Portland at the end of an epic 5,000 mile road trip with her best friend in 2011, and she moved here (with said bestie!) immediately after graduate school. She didn't waste any time... Arwen started at Trinity as a staff singer in 2012, about two weeks after the move, and joined the staff about five months later.

Arwen's other life is as a full-time freelance classical soprano, and she often does her Trinity work on the road. Next time you email her, ask her where she is! Arwen lives with her partner Brian, and she loves doing yoga, swing dancing, running slowly, and reading about neurodiversity & mental health – when she's taking a break from silly fiction.

Arrival at Trinity:

Arwen started singing in the Trinity Choir in 2012 and joined the music staff just a few months later. She migrated to communications-land in 2018.

Fun fact:

Arwen's favorite new hobby is taking solo hikes (aka "walks" in Brit-speak) in the UK!

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