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Christian Paton

Sound Technician & Accounts Payable

About Christian:

Christian was born in California, but having moved to Oregon as a baby, he considers himself a Portlander. As a child who could not sit still, he found himself pursuing some active endeavors growing up, most notably baseball. Along with this, he found an increasing love for video games, as they seemed to keep his mind active as much as baseball kept his body active.

After 11 years of baseball, while facing increasingly worsening health problems due to cystic fibrosis, he found a love for psychology. After years of struggling with his health, there was a huge medical breakthrough that has allowed him a new lease on life, and he’s wasting no time. Christian is currently in school pursuing a degree in Psychology, with the goal of becoming a counselor or social worker for adolescents that are going through chronic illness.

Arrival at Trinity:

His mother, Sally Paton, worked in accounting and was the Finance Manager for years, and as a result, Christian spent a lot of time helping at Trinity, starting with filing and helping with dishes, and eventually moving on to being Trinity’s Audio Technician as well as working in Accounts Payable.

Fun Fact:

He may seem introverted (because he is), but he is surprisingly comfortable being on stage. Having done a number of music performances, he also hopes to one day try his hand at standup comedy.

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