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Shana McCauley

Canon Vicar

About Shana:

Shana grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, an only child who was going to save the world as a journalist. After getting a journalism degree from the University of Washington, she meandered her way to a call to the priesthood getting a Masters of Divinity from Seabury Western in Chicago, serving in California, and then settling down in Oregon. She is half Korean and half Caucasian and the mom of three boys. She has recently taken up quilting and hiking (not at the same time, though that might become an aspirational goal).

Arrival at Trinity:

Shana started at the Cathedral in January of 2021, after serving for 11 years at St. Edward’s in Silverton, Oregon.

Fun fact:

Shana was named after 60 Minutes journalist Shana Alexander. However, since her mom couldn’t pronounce the long A, her name came to rhyme with “banana.” Shana Banana is a life-long nickname!

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