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Vijendran (VJ) Sathyaraj

Assisting Priest

About VJ:

Vijendran (VJ) Sathyaraj was born in Bangalore, India, where he received his education. He managed to combine his love for teaching with various forms of church ministry in India, Macau, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and now in Portland.

He has been teaching at Oregon Episcopal School from 2007 and now serves as Head Chaplain. VJ and his wife Asha have five children and seven grandchildren who keep them entertained, happy, and very busy.

VJ is an enthusiastic cook with a narrow specialization in the dishes he enjoys most. He sings with the Oregon Repertory Singers and is greatly inspired by Trinity’s organists and choir.

Arrival at Trinity:

VJ first came to Trinity to attend seminars with Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan almost two decades ago, and thereafter attended services after moving to Portland.

Fun Fact:

At seminary, VJ, riding his vintage 1948 Raleigh, was the undefeated champion in the slow bicycle race (the winner comes last), a sport not widely recognized outside India

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