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Lent Resources


Spiritual Direction

Enter into a confidential relationship that takes your spiritual journey seriously.


Email Matthew for your copy of our updated list of Spiritual Directors.


Meditation/Prayer Support


Climate Fasting

People from all walks of life are fasting to stand in solidarity with vulnerable people most affected by climate impacts.


A growing movement of fasters, including many youth groups, environmentalists and faith communities, is calling for world leaders to act to stop the climate crisis. READ MORE

Other ways to make a difference:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint, calculate your carbon footprint, and explore ways to reduce or offset your carbon use. READ MORE

  • Type “How to reduce my carbon footprint at home” into a Google search for ideas.


Digital Fasting

Also known by various other terms like “digital detox,” “digital Sabbath,” and “unplugging”, the idea behind a digital fast is to voluntarily and deliberately stop using all connected devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, and so on) that plug you to the internet for a pre-specified amount of time.


The abstention could be for as little as a few hours; however, most digital fasts are at least a day long, and many span an entire weekend or even longer. (Psychology Today).


Learn more about digital fasting as a Lenten Practice:

  • 10 elements of a Sabbath Manifesto: READ HERE

  • Five Ways to Fast from Technology During Lent: READ HERE

Reclaiming Jesus.jpg

Reclaiming Jesus

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and a broad range of bishops, theologians, activists, and teachers urge us to a season of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance, and Action for the sake of our nation.


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