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Christine Johnson

Music Administrator

About Christine:

Christine has enjoyed an adventurous career in music and stage performance, including a stint as a singing comedian at Renaissance Festivals throughout the Midwest and South, as a member of a long-form improv troupe, and as a singing cartoon squirrel in the Greek drama Osgood Rex (St. Louis Fringe). She is the daughter of an engineer-turned-bush pilot and went to middle school and high school in Dillingham, Alaska - singing at every opportunity, including to the guests at her summer job in a sports fishing camp (they didn't seem to mind). Her first choral experience was performing the Bach Magnificat with the Michigan State University Glee club and it changed her life. She went on to earn a B.A. in Music from University of Missouri - St. Louis and a Master's in Vocal Performance from Washington University in St. Louis.

Christine's true love is chamber music, whether it be Early music, Art Song, or Jazz. She also loves to explore how bodies communicate, having studied Aikido, Argentine Tango, Swing, Salsa, and the Alexander Technique. She currently teaches AT and voice privately.

Christine is 'Mutti' to her amazing sons Sebastian and August, and she loves gardening, fishing, baking, backpacking, photography, social dance, and the occasional needlework, knitting, or sewing project.

Arrival at Trinity:

Initially arrived in 2015 as staff soprano, then hired as Music Administrative Assistant in 2019!

Fun fact:

Christine sewed her own dress for one of her graduate recitals. It was green and pink, earning her the nickname "Tuliphead!"

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