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Faith at Home: Advent "Play"list

About "Play"lists

Come play with us! Trinity Family Ministries will be curating “Play”lists throughout the coming year, all centered around your spiritual life and practices at home We know you're busy, so these aren't to-do lists! They are simply some ideas and practices to help integrate spiritual time into your family life, however and whenever you can. Choose what works for you!


What is Advent?

The word Advent means "arrival or coming," and during these four weeks we are getting ready for the arrival of Jesus - Jesus in the manger, Jesus in our hearts, Jesus in the world. We wait and we prepare for the birth of the Christ Child. In the words of Godly Play, “the king who was coming is still coming, and this is full of mystery”. The mystery of the incarnation – how is it that God became one of us? This “play”list is designed to give you ideas and options for observing the season of Advent in your home. Pick one or two things and spend a little time each day or each week preparing to enter the mystery that is Christmas!


Advent Calendars