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Advent for Every Body: An Advent Calendar Podcast

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

This Advent, join us as we consider all the ways in which human bodies have and continue to bear God in our world with Advent for Every Body, a daily Advent Calendar podcast. How is our understanding of God deepened and nourished in one another – in bodies that have been held up for generations as inappropriate, shameful, or incomplete? Listen below or on the podcast feed, or click a link below to listen wherever you go by subscribing to on your favorite podcast app.

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Introduction: Shana McCauley & Nathan LeRud

Trinity Dean Nathan LeRud and Canon for Cathedral Life Shana McCauley introduce this year's Advent podcast: Advent for Every Body.

Day 1: Joanna Harader | November 27

"The Word becomes flesh only through the flesh and blood of women."

Day 2: Allison Sandlin Liles | November 28

"Anxiety is dreadful expectation – but hope is expectant desire."

Day 3: Heidi Haverkamp | November 29

"Our bodies are portals to the holy."

Day 4: Matthew Lawrence & Beverly Ffolkes-Bryant | November 30

"You're too busy to listen to this podcast."

Day 5: Mary Curlew | December 1

"Through Mary, the trauma of hunger, brutality, and inequity are met with mercy."

Day 6: Hope Benko | December 2

"I can't claim to have really understood my own body until my child was born."

Day 7: Michael Ellick | December 3

"Was Mary a mother nature goddess, or was she just a girl from Nazareth?"

Day 8: Elizabeth Schroeder | December 4

"Birth is purely physical and all miraculous."

Day 9: Karen Tiegs | December 5

"Anyone with cancer knows the challenge of loving our bodies when it seems like our bodies have turned against us."

Day 10: Alicia Johnson | December 6

"Did Mary's heartbreak feel like mine?"

Day 11: Joanne Gallardo | December 7

"I have been at war with my body since I was young."

Day 12: Kerlin Richter | December 8

""Your body is a miracle so deep that God herself longed to be in a body like yours."

Day 13: Faith Curammeng | December 9

"We who are on the trails partake in our own church."

Day 14: Christopher Bell | December 10

"We're all on the verge of death. The question is: how do you want to live?"

Day 15: Chris Arnold | December 11

"Even at rest, your heart goes on beating."

Day 16: Chanta Bhan | December 12

"Jesus' unpartnered body empowers those who are single."

Day 17: Lauren Loos | December 13

"There is a prohibition against connecting with the stuff of our bodies."

Day 18: Christina Kukuk | December 14

"Mary had a baby so that in my body, I can be holy now – not just after I'm rid of it."

Day 19: Mitchell Smith | December 15

"If I'm not doing it to win, why am I doing it?"

Day 20: Maria McDowell | December 16

"Our bodies are filled with the divine."

Day 21: Jennifer Creswell | December 17

"Our bodies are freaking amazing."

Day 22: Lavinia Martin-Weber & Tripp Hudgins | December 18

"This is the image I was created in."

Day 23: Shana McCauley | December 19

"So... are you pregnant?"

Day 24: Eric Eye | December 20

"Tattoos are about agency."

Day 25: Kate Harmon Seberine | December 21

"This Advent is my first as a disabled person."

Day 26: Callie Swanlund | December 22

"May we each embrace a pace that ushers in the holy."

Day 27: Bethany Lewis | December 23

"God isn't male or female – and humanity reflects the image of God."

Day 28: Nathan LeRud | December 24

"I'm not willing to hide any longer."

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